SafeDX provides IT operations outsourcing services and offers cloud services from its own data centers. We build data centers, which we simultaneously operate, focused on the Central and Eastern Europe region, but are capable of supporting the activities of our clients anywhere in Europe and Asia. We understand the needs of our clients and are familiar with the local environment.

As a part of Foxconn group’s international network, which has for several years offered data center services in Asia, we are now expanding these activities into Europe. We also benefit from the support of the strong Central-European investment group KKCG, which is expanding its activities in the technology and entertainment sectors.

We leverage Foxconn’s IT technology research and development activities where they are working with many global players. Thanks to this, we have access to hardware and software innovations, which we will then actively make available to our clients.


SafeDX – Intel Partnership


SafeDX entered in partnership with Intel to deploy one of the largest OpenStack clusters in Central Europe for its Next-gen Data Center Cloud Services in the Czech Republic. The Data Center infrastructure was designed in collaboration with Intel and Foxconn to deliver best-in-class cost efficiency, and flexibility. “We are creating highly cost efficient and flexible IT infrastructure […]

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