HPE GreenLake service - Single-tenant bare metal server and storage from SafeDX offer the highest degree of availability, reliability and performance for clients whose business relies on unshared, guaranteed computing power and using hardware from reputed sources.

Flexible services and assistance are available 24/7. We can adapt to capacity and space requirements not only in the primary data center in Prague, but we also provide geographically redundant services.

HPE Green Lake use cases

Planned hardware renewal

Use only modern HW, leave the care of renewal and updates to us

Production expansion

We will supply the necessary infrastructure according to your requirements

Rent hardware and save

Use modern hardware without the need for capital investment

Backup infrastructure

We will solve data storage and backup including DR plans

Key advantages of HPE GreenLake

Discover quick access to physical and virtual servers, data storages and platform services with HPE GreenLake support. Efficiently administer hybrid clouds and have physical servers, virtual machines, and Kubernetes always at your fingertips.


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