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We are a provider of managed IT and cloud services with our own Tier III data center located in Prague. We offer modern IT platform services enabling access to state-of-the-art technologies to a wide range of customers.
Our services help you innovate, speed up your projects, increase their efficiency and facilitate your business thanks to technologically advanced facilities, extensive expertise and good knowledge of the market and legislation.


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We create virtual solutions and provide efficient hybrid cloud services based on a modern and reliable infrastructure, which helps our customers increase and improve the efficiency of their processes.

Our strengths

  • Secure data center services
  • Economically efficient and flexible IT and cloud services
  • Private environment and services
  • Easily accessible in the broader Prague city center
  • Strong and reliable partner with excellent references

„ SafeDX has enabled us to increase production efficiency in both of our plants in the Czech Republic and to focus fully on meeting the needs of our customers, while we have entrusted activities related to the operation of IT virtual infrastructure into the hands of experts."

- Stephen McKenna, Vice President Foxconn Technology CZ s.r.o.

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Hybrid cloud orchestration

[SCP] Openstack Virtual Server

Virtual servers
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Rack and server housing