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For over 5 years, we have provided services in the Czech Republic using our own data centre’s modern infrastructure that meets contemporary demands. We utilise the resources and cutting-edge know-how of our parent company, Foxconn, in IT research, development, manufacture and integration. We co-operate with leading IT manufacturers and suppliers, which gives us access to technological and software innovations that underpin the services we provide to our clients.

Located in Prague’s Vysočany district, our data center is highly advanced in terms of security, operational efficiency, and flexibility. It disposes of professionals with a wide range of IT backgrounds, be it experts experienced with data center operations, big data specialists, data analysts or software developers. Our data center provides our clients with professional services, high availability, and above-standard operational efficiency, including international connectivity.

Data center size

Number of data halls

Number of racks

Maximum power supply
capacity of IT technologies

Power density


  • Secure data centre services
    • Housing services in a modern TIER III data centre environment
    • Dedicated or shared connectivity with minimum latency
    • Possibility of direct optical connection to government networks according to required standards
    • Biometric identification for access by authorised persons
    • Additional layer of security – servers protected in lockable PODs with access control
    • Multiple redundancies to secure against power/connection outages and fire
    • Complete protection against flooding
  • Economically efficient and flexible IT and cloud services
    • Minimum IT infrastructure operational costs
    • Latest technology without the need for regular capital expenditures for modernization (CAPEX)
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing
    • Significant reduction of energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint thanks to outsourcing
  • Private environment and services
    • Discrete environment of a customer-oriented data centre
    • Limited number of customers
    • Assistance and expert platform services in Czech and English
  • Immediate accessibility in the broader Prague city centre
    • Local storage of data in a known and accessible location
    • Physical proximity to main government institutions
    • 20 minutes driving distance from all main office centres in Prague
    • 24/7 secure access for authorised persons
  • Strong and reliable partner with excellent references
    • We understand the needs of market leaders
    • We reliably meet above-standard security and procedural requirements based on both organisational and internationally recognised standards
    • We are long-term partners to leading companies in the following sectors: Manufacturing and logistics, IT services, finance and entertainment, banking and retail.