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[SCP] Openstack Virtual Server is a highly scalable IaaS service for your public or private/hybrid cloud, operated from a modern data center in Prague. Available as reserved capacity or simply using pay-as-you-go. Accessible over a self-service portal.
Services are provided from a state-of-the art environment-friendly and energy efficient Tier III datacenter in Prague, Czech Republic, the heart of Europe. Clients are provided with high-performance or cost-effective hardware as well as excellent connectivity options including unmetered traffic and connection to main Internet hubs. Flexible service and assistance is available 24/7.

High Performance and Capacity

  • Service runs on a homogenous cluster expandable to 250+ physical servers with 7000+ physical
  • cores, 90+ TB RAM and Petabytes of usable storage space
  • Expansion options for extreme capacity storage – up to dozens of Petabytes
  • Runs on the latest hardware directly from the manufacturer (Foxconn)


Ease of deployment and access using new software defined data center features, by way
of wizards allowing for easy:

  • Automation of environment creation using pre-defined orchestration templates
  • Wide range of integration and customization options
  • Unified API and user environment interface
  • Dynamic creation of networks using virtual networks, virtual firewalls, and virtual load balancers

Safety, Security and Reliability

  • Operated from own datacenter designed according to Tier III standards and ISO 27001 certified
  • Network security
    – Virtual firewall (iptables) plus physical firewall (VDOM)
    – DDoS protection
    – VPN (StrongSwan, IPSEC, pFsense)
    – Load balancing (haproxy), F5
  • All service components operated in high availability mode
  • Redundant network infrastructure on L3 layer
  • Unified identity management for service access
    – LDAP, ActiveDirectory
  • Triplication of data blocks using CEPH
  • Even load distribution across the whole cluster
  • Encryption-ready

Connectivity and Network Options

  • Carrier-neutral data center
  • Three redundant backbone connections
  • Two independent connections to third-party peering points (TTC Teleport and CE Colo „telehouses“)
  • Option of PoP directly inside the telehouses and peering to NIX
  • SafeDX is a public IP range provider (IPv4)
  • Unmetered data transfers and high SLAs