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Try out transparent billing of cloud services.

[SCP] SafeDX Cloud Platform is a platform providing simple and intuitive control of both private and public resources. The platform provides physical hardware rental services, virtual servers, Kubernetes, and container orchestration.

[SCP] Kubernetes Cluster is offered both in the public cloud and in the form of a private environment. Take advantage of one of the prepared offers or choose a tailor-made solution.  

Manage enterprise IT easily and efficiently.

[SCP] Kubernetes Cluster
[SCP] Developer team [SCP] High Availability [SCP] HA Custom
# VM3 # VM9 # VM30
vCPU10 vCPU26 vCPU130
SLA99.9 %, 8/5 SLA99.9 %, 8/5 SLA99.9 %, 24/7
Connectivity50 Mb/s Connectivity1 Gb/s Connectivity2 x 1 Gb/s
Public IP2 Public IP2 Public IP2
KubernetesTier 1 KubernetesTier 2 KubernetesTier 3
DDoS, firewallyes DDoS, firewallyes DDoS, firewallyes
Backupyes Backupyes Backupyes
Object storageyes Object storageyes Object storageyes
Monthly5 900 CZK Monthly14 500 CZK MonthlyOn demand
[SCP] Kubernetes Private Cluster
   [SCP] HA Custom+   
   # VM100   
   RAM2 TB   
   SSD5 TB   
   SLA99.9 %, 24/7   
   Connectivity4 x 1 Gb/s   
   Public IP2   
   KubernetesTier 4   
   DDoS, firewallyes   
   Object storageyes   
   MonthlyOn demand   

[SCP] Kubernetes specification

[SCP] KubernetesTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Starter packEntrySMBEnterprise
Maximum number of VM51050100
Price/month Included in the price of configurationIncluded in the price of configurationIncluded in the price of configurationIncluded in the price of configuration

Ask for non-bidding offer of the cloud services.

Sample architecture of the recommended configurations:

[SCP] Developer – Software development, Web administration

Available as a free demo.

[SCP] High Availability – IT systems administration

Available as a free demo.

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