SW Defined Data Center

A highly scalable IaaS service based on OpenStack, for your public or private/hybrid cloud. Available as reserved capacity or in pay-as-you-go mode. Accessible via a self-service portal.

Service Components

Virtual servers and containers

  • Large selection of supported OS including: Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu – 3 versions back
  • Docker containers

Software defined storage

  • File Storage
  • Block Storage
  • Distributed storage space for higher security and performance

Software defined networking

  • vFW (iptables)
  • VPN (strongswan)
  • Load Balancer (haproxy)



  • Automation of environment creation using pre-defined orchestration templates.
  • Wide range of integration and customization options
  • Unified API and user environment interface

High Performance and Capacity

  • Service runs on a homogenous cluster containing 260 physical servers with 7000+ physical cores, 90+ TB RAM and Petabytes of usable storage space
  • Powered by Intel Xeon Gold Scalable processors with AVX-512 instruction set supporting up to 2x FLOPS per core per cycle
  • Performance boost options using add-in datacenter GPUs.
  • Expansion options for extreme capacity storage – up to dozens of Petabytes.