Single-tenant dedicated physical servers and storage from SafeDX offers the highest degree of availability, reliability and performance for clients whose business relies on unshared, guaranteed computing power and using hardware from reputed sources. Clients are provided with high-performance hardware directly from Foxconn, as well as excellent connectivity options, including unmetered traffic and connection to main Internet hubs. Service is available 24×7.


  • Security and high availability
  • Accessibility of your servers and data thanks to high-speed, redundant, provider neutral
  • Reliability, cost efficiency and longevity
  • No overhead from virtualization platforms means maximum overall performance
  • Full control over resources you pay for

Base all-in-one package includes

  • Dedicated server and storage, with power and cooling
  • Unmetered power consumption
  • Unmetered traffic over a 100 Mbps link

Additional services

  • Custom server and storage configuration
  • Custom connectivity options
  • Remote hands 8×5