Container Cloud

Container Cloud is private/hybrid cloud designed for customers looking for flexible solutions using latest technologies. Container cloud enables acceleration of IT as well as business through
CI/CD and Kubernetes.

The service contains


  • Jenkins for pipeline automation
  • GitLab for your code
  • Docker Registry for your own containers


  • SDN based on Calico
  • Cinder storage – persistent container storage
  • Octavia LBaaS – loadbalancer for your services
  • Kubernetes Dashboard


  • Logging based on Prometheus
  • Monitoring based on Grafana
  • Alerting based on Kibana


All in one solution

  • Combination of CI/CD and Kubernetes packed in one solution as a Service
  • Provides powerful tools to install and maintain your IT infrastructure
  • Grows with your needs. You can start small and add nodes when needed
  • No Vendor Lock-in as 100% APIs are stock and no proprietary code is used


  • Kubernetes combines best from both datacenter and applications world
  • You can reuse hundreds production ready helm packages from spot
  • With Kubernetes you will achieve self-healing, high-available application platform
  • Completely reusable and transferable to other clouds and vendor solutions
  • Kubernetes enables you to move to DevOps world quicker and smoother