We built a brand new data center in Prague. This provides our clients high quality services, high availability and an excellent operational effectiveness.

The data center in Prague features excellent level of security and flexibility, as well as low operating costs. The facility relies on specialists possessing broad expertise in the IT sector, including experts familiar with the operation of data centers, specialists in Big Data processing and data analysis, and software developers. The new facility offers our clients professional services, high availability, top-level operating efficiency, and international connectivity.

Thanks to cooperation with our sister company DataSpring, we also offer the services of a data center located in southern Moravia – DC Lužice. Its modern and robust technologies are a guarantee of maximum security for our clients‘ data and applications.

Overview of the data centers’ key parameters:

DC Prague DC Lužice
Location Prague – Vysočany Lužice
Tier III configuration Yes (compliant) Yes
Size of the DC:
Number of data rooms 4 1
Number of racks 200+ 72
Maximum charge capacity of IT technologies 1.2 MW 1 MW
Average output density 7 kW 9 kW
Maximum output density 9 kW 15 kW